After some years of self-studying Matt decided to attend to classes at the famous and renowned Lizard Institute of Music, situated in Florence (Italy), where one of the greatest italian guitarists and musicians Giacomo Castellano introduced him into new techniques and styles.

Very soon he began composing his own music and put together five excellent demotapes very well accepted by the specialized critic and the public: he is called “the new melodic italian genius” and after the appreciation of many Italian magazines such as Flash, Psycho, Metal Shock, Viceversa and 360° he reaches the Top Demo in the famous European one Metal Hammer where the attention for a guitar hero had been absent for years.

After the critically acclaimed debut album “Heat of Emotion” featuring Andy Timmons and Giacomo Castellano (is one of the most selled guitar album in USA in the 2006 and 2007 on Guitar 9 Records), Matt records “All The Little Things” featuring guests like Fabrizio Leo, Michael Orlando, Alex De Rosso and m
any others.

The much-anticipated new album will be released in June 26th 2015 with a sound and composition much more mature, free from previous schemes and freedom of improvisation.

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